Everything you need for the perfect beach day is already included. These offers are here to elevate your day, from food to beach toys for the kids, we’ve got you covered. 


Extra Chairs

Each shade item comes with two chairs. For example, The Cabana comes with 2 chairs, The Double Cabana comes with 4 chairs, etc. Add on extra chairs with corresponding insulated cup and towel.


Floor Pouf

Each Cabana Club setup creates a great lounge vibe for the beach, so not everyone needs a chair. The floor pouf is the perfect addition if you're planning on having a few extra people at your setup. Does not come with a towel or cup.




Bocce Ball, Spike Ball, and Bucket Ball

$25 each

Cabana Kids Package

Taking the kids to the beach has never been easier! Each Cabana Kids Package comes with the following: kiddie pool, mini kid chair, beach toys, baby bum sunblock, baby powder, and mini fan. The Cabana Kids Package is recommended for kids 2-6 years old. If you're bringing the babies along we recommend adding on the California Beach Co Playpen Tent as well.


California Beach Co. Playpen

We've selected this as a seperate add on if you're bringing the babies along. The California Beach Co Playpen Tent is separate from the cabana kids package and comes only with the playpen tent.

Keep the babies shaded, cool, and protected from sand storms coming from the bigger kids!



Flamingo Float

The gulf if a great place to floate your worries away!


Diamond Ring Float

For all of our brides out there!


Rainbow Floats

Comes with two floats: a lay-on and a tube.



Charcuterie Boxes

The perfect add on if you're looking for something to snack on all day! The small feed 1-2 and the medium feed 4-5 people.


Funfetti Cookie Box

These are to die for! Sourced locally from Flour Child Sweet Shop, each box comes with a dozen cookies. Funfetti is their take on a "birthday cake" cookie, and let us tell ya, they got it right! The perfect addition for a birthday party or for the kids.